Girl Look at my shaders

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by papipulgits, Feb 5, 2014.

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    papipulgits Member

    2014-02-05_19.04.58.png 2014-02-05_19.04.03.png 2014-02-05_19.04.18.png 2014-02-05_19.03.38.png

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    looneycheser Member

    Photo bomb picture #3 :D
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    Topmass22 Active Member

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    BlueFusion12 MegaCraft Owner

    Such shade...
    Much detail....
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    Cube828. Member

    Very nice pap what shader pack are you using?
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    Kluebbert Mod

    Tell me- How many shaders are there in the world of Minecraft??? o_O
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    papipulgits Member

    It's MrMeeps Extreme Shaders
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    RodneyWayne11 Member

    So wow.
    Much amaze.
    I can't handle shaders on my pc I get like 18 fps xD
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    Cube828. Member

    I can't handle them coz I crash...
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    Kluebbert Mod

    Aw cube, that sucks. I'm sure I'd be the same if I knew how to use them...
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    creeperhunterl Member

    I wish I knew how to download mods
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    papipulgits Member

    Downloading mods is the easiest thing to do, just get magiclauncher
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    Kluebbert Mod

    Magiclauncher? Forge? All these things I'm hearing?
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    Kluebbert Mod

    All I know, is I'm going to see if I can somehow get my parents to look into getting the Attack of the B-team mopack, if there's servers out there that support it. I might, just might look into pixelmon.

    I've downloaded one mod in my life, but I had no clue what was going on, and my parents did it. It was the commands mod for singleplayer. :p
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    Cube828. Member

    Lol pap I've tried with magical launcher but I just didn't get the system.. :p
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    PieGuy (pie247365) Member

    All shaders look the same.

    Oh well, I don't like shaders anyways.

    Public Service Announcement:


    (but whatever :3)
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    Kluebbert Mod

    Every pixel/ voxel game I play besides Minecraft try to hide the blockiness. By either having very small pixels, or your character being more high definition, and each individual block being small to 'smooth out' the game.

    Minecraft is the first game I've seen that doesn't hide the fact it is blocks, and even is proud the fact it's blocky.
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    4hoggy4 Well-Known Member

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    Kluebbert Mod

    Shaders in my opinion, screw with your eyes, but is the beauty of it worth eye damage? I really am not sure, but then there's lag, so I think I'm better without. :rolleyes:
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    4hoggy4 Well-Known Member

    my computer would just kill me

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